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We’ve all had to find coping mechanisms during the pandemic. Some people have been baking sourdough and banana bread, some have increased their wine intake, some have taken up hobby crafts like candle making or pottery.

31 million people have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) on the Nintendo Switch every day.

31 million.

The much-loved Animal Crossing series saw its latest edition launch last March, just as many countries around the world went into lockdown thanks to Covid-19. Whether Nintendo are some sort of evil genius or it was just a coincidence for them, the game where you…

I was always under the impression that slideshow presentations aren’t something that are actually liked, they’re just something we’ve all accepted as a necessary evil. Something we all agree to create or consume in order to understand a topic. But a bunch of woke millennials with moderate design skills seem determined to change my mind.

Like a revolution, but more #aesthetic

Last year saw the rise of the ‘Instagraphic’ — Instagram multiple image posts featuring (mostly) text in eye-catching fonts over muted colours in a slideshow story format. …

There are certain art forms that have always had the ability to carry me off to another stranger, yet more aesthetically pleasing world, and this young British creative is dabbling in two of them.

Nadia Lee Cohen is an art photographer currently based in the US. Her photographs are at the same time beautiful and glamorous, yet grotesque. Through her lens, an otherwise mundane scene becomes surreal and intriguing, and her work has been described as ‘reality overdone’. Beautiful women stood on a roadside or sat in a diner are paired with buck teeth or a hairdo three feet tall…

The Social Dilemma is a new documentary-drama now streaming on Netflix directed by Jeff Orlowski. It explores ‘the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.’ I watched it, and I didn’t like it.

Educating yourself about social media is the smart thing to do

I personally believe that it’s really important that if a person is using social media, that they are not doing so completely blindly. …

It’s 10.01 pm. The lights are low and casting red and green shadows up the walls. Through a speaker, a singular synth note starts softly pulsing. It’s joined by a reverberating percussion line, and finally by a dreamy but crisp female vocal. Everything is swaying and floating and pulling you into a saccharine city nightscape filled with unnecessary aerobics gear, pastel-coloured everything, and so much blusher.

But this isn’t an 80s music video you’re in.

It’s actually 2020, and you’re dancing around your room on your own thanks to a pandemic-issued lockdown, listening to a shiny new pop single that’s…

Helena Vieira

Senior Marketing Campaigns Officer at DKMS UK. Proud nerd. Compulsive cat and dog cuddler.

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